From Great Families, Come Great Pets. 


Portraits are often important family documents as well as among our most treasured remembrances. Portrait Your Pet does just this with our furry family members. Give them the elegant grandeur and attire they deserve. Your pets are your masterpiece!

📸 Taking photos of my pet.

Your smartphone has a perfect camera.

Notice the even lighting on Shakes?

Let us look at a good photo of our pal Shakes.

The better the photo, the better the final Portrait Your Pet. But don't worry, your photos don't have to be perfect, they just need to let me see the likeness and the personality of your pet!

Let’s take an eye- and shoulder-level photo of your pet. These angles make the best portraits, it is as if your pet is human.


Smartphone in hand, take about 3-4 photos.


Even lighting inside or out, no spotlights please.


Shoulder & eye level pictures work best, keep those ears in the shot.


Have fun! We are making art here.

Thank You, Shakes.

Now you have your 3 to 4 photos of your pet, you can upload them in the Etsy conversation, email them or just click the link below.

What next?

You will receive a digital proof of your painted pet in the chosen attire. Your feedback is critical and is encouraged. Once I finished making the suggested updates to your pet's portrait, I will get your canvas ready for packing and shipping.

Theirs VS Ours

Take note of how color, shape and the overall final artwork is completed to a higher degree of complexity, compared to the other pet portriats. The shadows and the overall lighting of your pet integrate with the outfit. It feels like a real painting. It looks correct.


This is what makes Portrait Your Pet the prime pet portraiture.

The Final Artwork on Canvas

Thank you for your support.

 It belongs in a Museum!

Tight corners, a sealed back.​


Ready to hang right out of the box.

High-Quality Premium Inks

Canvas, ink, and coatings are formulated to work together providing the highest quality, longest lasting product available on the market.

Certified Artist Canvas.

Real canvas texture.


Your pet & family name is the title to each work. .

Professional Digital Artist

I received my BFA in painting and I have over 20 years experience as a professional photoshop artist in top photo studios.

Portrait Your Pet retains copyright and the right to reproduce all images created by Portrait Your Pet. You may share your Portrait Your Pet image on social media, but you are not allowed to reproduce any or all of the work for profit. Portrait Your Pet reserves the right to share its images, including all completed pet projects, on social media platforms as well as for resale. Portrait Your Pet will also reserve the right to show pet owner's photographs in as much as they are necessary for "before and after" marketing; Portrait your Pet will not employ these images in reproduction for any other purpose. All rights reserved. JG Project LLC © 2019