Frequently asked questions

🖼 Will I see a digital proof of my pet?

Yes, you will receive 3 "Sketches" of your pet in 3 different outfits. This starts the whole PYP process. Once I get your feedback I will start on a more detailed work called “Final” for you to review before finishing and printing the final canvas work.

📸 What is the best way to take photos of my pet?

Your smartphone has a perfect camera.
Taking good shoulder-level pictures of your pet with even lighting is best.

1. Smartphone in hand, take about 3-4 photos.
2. Even lighting inside or out, no spotlight, please.
3. Shoulder- & eye-level pictures work best, keep those ears in the shot.
4. Have fun! We are making art here.

The better the photo, the better the final Portrait Your Pet. But don't worry, your photos don't have to be perfect, they just need to let me see the likeness and the personality of your fur baby!

🎯 How do I give you my pets photos?

Email them portraityourpet@icloud.com.

Include your pet’s name and gender and any other details you wish to share. Have a story about your pet? Sharing your story of your pet helps me feel out who they are and what outfit fits them best.

🥇🥈🥉Why do you make 3 sketches when others offer only one if any at all? 😃 Also, How do I know which outfit to choose?

I want you to have choices, the Portrait Your Pet process is about you and your pet. You and I are making artwork together with your feedback. It is deeply important to me to get your portrait right. You will note that I do not charge for this additional round; I’ll work it until you love it. You know your pet better than I do, after all!

😃 How do I know which outfit to choose?

Having your story about your pet helps me figure out what outfit fits best. You will receive 3 sketches with 3 different outfits. You select the one you like best.

If you don't like any of them, I am happy to give you more options. Your ideas are always welcomed.

With your feedback, we are going to make the best portrait possible!

🐶 Helping Animal Shelters. 😻

Portrait Your Pet is passionate about animal welfare and donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to support the wonderful work of local animal shelters. My own pets have been from rescue centers and you really see how important it is to give so many abandoned and mistreated animals good homes. It is something that is near to me and my wife’s heart. Two percent will be donated to Stray Rescue of St. Louis and to Tenth Life Cat Rescue.

🎁Premium Quality Materials?

Solid-Faced Canvas Prints

• High-quality premium gallery-wrapped canvas
• Genuine artist canvas with solid-faced construction
• Printed with archival pigment based inks
• UV protected
• Canvas will not stretch or sag
• Scratch-resistant coating wipes clean
• Ready to hang, hardware included
• Made in the USA

💯PYP canvas, ink, and coatings are formulated to work together to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available. My printing partner has their own in-house UV test chamber and they continually test the materials to ensure that color will stand the test of time and last as long or longer than any other canvas prints available.

🤩 All that at no extra cost.

😫 Damaged package and canvas?

PYP offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee in regards to the workmanship and quality of materials used to produce your gallery-wrapped canvas. PYP strives to deliver a high-quality product and experience.

If your product arrives damaged, please send photographs of the damaged areas on the shipping box and the canvas. Once I have the photos in my possession, I can send you a replacement canvas.

Replacement canvases can take up to 3-4 days to ship. Thank you for your patience!

No cost, Free Replacement, and Free Shipping

Portrait Your Pet retains copyright and the right to reproduce all images created by Portrait Your Pet. You may share your Portrait Your Pet image on social media, but you are not allowed to reproduce any or all of the work for profit. Portrait Your Pet reserves the right to share its images, including all completed pet projects, on social media platforms as well as for resale. Portrait Your Pet will also reserve the right to show pet owner's photographs in as much as they are necessary for "before and after" marketing; Portrait your Pet will not employ these images in reproduction for any other purpose. All rights reserved. JG Project LLC © 2019