What is Portrait Your Pet?

Portray your furry friend in the finery they are worthy of! I make your pet photo into a unique historic digital painting & printed on premium artist-grade canvas shipped right to your door. Each one is a custom work of art of your pet in the grand attire they deserve.

This is a one-artist show

You will get me and only me, I make each work unique and original. No cutting and pasting your pet photo on to some shoulders of a classic painting from history in my house. NO SIR, there is great care and attention to detail with each Portrait Your Pet. Fur, eyes, lighting, and shading is the key to make these work hand touch and hand made. Check out other like portrait shop, you will see Portrait Your Pet inspires and is above all other copy-cats 😹.


We will work together to make your masterpiece. It is personal, it is original, and it supports animal recuse and my family.

  • Value

  • Service

  • Best Canvas in the Market.

When it comes to pet portraits Portrait Your Pet the best.

Don't just take it from me, look around the web. I just don't stick your pet onto some painted body, your pet is painted with that body.


Thank you for stopping by.


-Jordan Gaunce • Founder & Artist.


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With every product you purchase,

Portrait Your Pet gives a percentage to our local animal shelter.

Portrait Your Pet retains copyright and the right to reproduce all images created by Portrait Your Pet. You may share your Portrait Your Pet image on social media, but you are not allowed to reproduce any or all of the work for profit. Portrait Your Pet reserves the right to share its images, including all completed pet projects, on social media platforms as well as for resale. Portrait Your Pet will also reserve the right to show pet owner's photographs in as much as they are necessary for "before and after" marketing; Portrait your Pet will not employ these images in reproduction for any other purpose. All rights reserved. JG Project LLC © 2019