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Information About Dogs

“Useful, straight-talking and trustworthy information about dogs.”

Welcome to Dogs and Dog Training, where our mission is to provide you with simple, helpful, and effective information about dogs, covering all aspects of caring for your four-legged friend.

On these pages you’ll find articles on all aspects of life with your dog including, dog health, grooming, feeding, training, and the core essentials of dog and puppy care.

Dog ownership (or guardianship) is one of life’s greatest joys. Dogs are fun, funny, and fun-loving, so step up to the plate and join in!

  • dogs 101, dogs, dog care, dog training Dogs 101The ultimate guide to understanding dogs and dog behavior. Fascinating facts about dogs, their origins, different breeds, their anatomy and their amazing senses, dog language, psychology, and how they view the world.
  • dog care, dog health, dogsDog CareThe Core Basics of Dog ownership - basic dog care, choosing a dog, introducing a new pup to your home, puppy names, essential supplies, creating a dog friendly house and garden, house training, flea control, health insurance, and more.
  • dog grooming, dog care, dogsDog GroomingMust read if you want your dog to look his or her best. Coat care is covered of course, but we also include sections on eye and ear care, dental care, nail care and skin care, as well as the often challenging job of bathing your dog.
  • dog health, dog care, dogsDog HealthYour dog's health is important to us. In this section we address the most common canine ailments, illnesses and diseases. Please note that these articles are provided for informational purposes only, so that you know what action to take if your dog displays certain symptoms. Always consult a vet if you have a sick dog.
  • dog nutrition, dog food, dogsDog NutritionDog Nutrition plays an important part in the quality of life your dog enjoys. Here you'll find out about your dog's nutritional needs, providing your dog with a balanced diet, the best commercially available dog foods, cooking for your dog, dog treats, and which foods to avoid.
  • Dog TrainingA well trained dog is a happy dog. Here we cover the basics like walking on a lead, obedience training and dealing with unwanted behaviors like aggression, excessive barking and submissive urination. We'll even show you how to teach your dog some cool tricks.
  • puppy care, puppy health, puppyPuppy CarePuppies have special needs and we cover those in these pages, including puppy care, puppy health, feeding, training, worming, vaccinations, nursing a sick puppy, and of course the two pillars of puppy existence - sleep and play.
  • dog breeds a-z, dog breeds, dogsDog Breeds A-ZDog Breeds A-Z, including profiles and fact sheets on over 100 of the world's most popular dog breeds.